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Funny Pictures Gallery features amuzing photos and graphics.
Funny Pictures Gallery


Funny Pictures

Funny pictures plus manipulated photos fill this entire website. Funny pictures are our business. These funny pictures are so hilarious they will make an 89-year-old snort milk! What's that? Cat got your tongue? Don't like freakin' funny pictures? Well, hey, you're in the wrong place, pal. Move along. Yep, move along, I say. But if you do like funny pictures with cool captions then you're in for a treat. Treat yourself and look around. Hey, it won't kill you to look now will it? Huh? I didn't think so. Enjoy the funny pictures.

Featured Funny Pictures

Funny Picture
Funny Pictures: Super Dog takes off to save his friend ...
Funny Pictures
Souper Dog!

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No private information will be given or sold to third parties, so you can rest assured you're in good hands with Allstate, and, um with us, too! Don't worry as we won't post your pictures all over the Internet.

Funny pictures find their homes here. If you like funny pictures that are a bit risqué, then this is the place for you. Don't be shy. If you're over 18 years of age, then feel free to check out the funny pictures and if you click on a graphic, well, good for you. You've clicked on a graphic, haven't you?

Most of the funny pictures on Funny Pictures Gallery have laugh out loud humor in mind. If you're easily offended by the proverbial dirty joke or tasteless pictures, then you would do well to leave the premises now! If, however you like funny pictures, enjoy the occasional off-color, off-handed remark, and may even snort and guffaw at some randy material, then this web spot is for you.

Hear what the critics say about the funny pictures on this website:

This site is so cool! I love it, man! The funny pictures rate first and the graphics are graphic-licious. Don't bogart these pages but share them with all. I'm gonna smoke a doobie, what some old Andy Griffith reruns and pass out, man!

- Pope Benedict XVI

Oh, Captain, I can't give it any more power! I think she is going to blow! And speaking of blowing, I snorted milk from my nose the first time I viewed the hilarious funny pictures on this site.

- Scotty

Evil, I tell you! Evil! Evilly funny, that is! The pictures on this site make me what to do devilish things! I laugh so hard with my demonic laugh and I need some trouble to get into, I tell you. I'm checking out all the pictures I can get my hands on from this site. It will all be collector's items some day. Ha ha ha - ho ho ho!!!

- Liberace

Screw you! Screw you who don't think the graphics on this site are hilarious! Remember, missiles don't kill people. People kill people.

- Donald Rumsfeld


The funny pictures here make me snort milk from my nose. Milk from my nose. Milk from my! And all over my fat little moose hunting head. Oh, my!

- Sarah Palin


If you happen to be in prison and have Internet access, there is only one place to come for funny pictures and this is it! I've spent years in the clink and know funny pictures when I see them. Free at last, free at last, thanks to the funny pictures at this place, I'm free at last.

- Nelson Mandela

If you're lost in the woods in a dark, dark place you're going to need some funny pictures so that you won't be so scared. If you staring down the nose of a wild, wild wolf, thinking of funny pictures will help. If you're looking in the mirror at your freak, freak self you've already got the funny picture you need.

- Charlton Heston

I can't believe all these funny pictures. I mean, who would have thunk a site like this could have hundreds if not more funny pictures to look at. These funny pictures blow my mind. Really!

- Colin Powell

Sufferin' Succotash! This site has so many funny pictures, it makes me want to spit! In fact, when I'm chewing a wad of tobacki I just love looking at these funny pictures with brown spittle all over my puss! Doesn't that just paint a pretty picture!

- Sarah Palin

These funny pictures are great! They make me want to fire my whole staff and then skip off onto the sunset with a Congressional page. Hey, turn the page. Now that's funny! Hello?

- Dennis Hastert





















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