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Funny Cats

Funny cats are on lots of people's minds now days. I mean to tell you that funny cats are in fact running rampant around the hills and mole hills, back woods and bayous, Broke Back Mountains and clear running streams.

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Dance, little man, dance!

It's these funny cats that are taking over the planet, I tell you and they must be stopped! Funny cats with their little smirking puss faces and their humorous antics like chasing laser spots on the wall, or chasing tails, climbing curtains or doing little kitty standup comedy at the Improv or Apollo theatres are ruining this world for other funny animals that would like to get a leg up on funny cats.

I mean, sure chimpanzees are humorous with their amusing poo-flinging antics. Dogs can also be laughable with the butt-sniffing, leg lifting and face-slobbering kisses. But these animals cannot hold a candle to funny cats when it comes to all out hilarity.

Laugh like no one is watching.

What other animal poops behind your couch or entertainment center and lets it ferment for months before you find it? Some say that funny cats are evil, but I know better. Funny cats are not only evil, but evil geniuses I tell you.

Who buried Jimmy Hoffa's body? Yes, it was funny cats. And, who is buried in Grant's tomb? Well, no one knows for sure, but funny cats are responsible, you can bet your knickers on that.

Who knew that the hacker messing up your MySpace page was a cat?

And, who put the Ram in the Rama Lama Ding Dong? It was funny cats! These funny cats are evil I tell you and they must be stopped.

The only want to stop a feline from being a funny cat is to not laugh when they are chasing a string and flying through the air. We must not laugh when funny cats are chasing each other with their backs arched and tails fluffed out.

We must refused to laugh when funny cats are falling off tables, sitting atop doors or hanging from tree limbs. If we do not laugh when funny cats are doing their ridiculously cute and mischievous antics, then they no longer will be funny cats.

I always laugh uncontrollably for no reason, he he he!

If we continue to give funny cats the power of the laugh, they will continue to take over the world to the point where we will one day have funny cats as President, Vice President, advisor to the secretary to the Homeland Security Czar and even Mayor of Turdtown. This is not acceptable!

Funny cats must be stopped! They must be herded up and put on reservations next to our Native American brethren and forced into alcoholism and putting up gambling casinos. If we do not address funny cats in this manner there is not telling what evil doing they may instigate upon the rest of us.

The time to act against funny cats is now. Please sign the petition below and send it to your local city council person, state representative, and U. S. Congressperson and Senator.

Dear Important Person,

This is a call to arms against funny cats. We must not let them take over. If you do not do something about this issue I will not vote for you in future elections. I'm serious. No, I'm really serious. I will start an email campaign against you and drive you from office, unless you hear my plea and take action. I will start nasty rumors about you that will make it upon CNN and Anderson Cooper's "Keeping Them Honest" will run a series of stories about you. Would you like for this to happen? Huh? I think not. So, please put the funny cats in little kitty reservations next to our Native American brothers and sisters. Funny cats are evildoers, so please Important Person, now go out and do the right thing.

Best Regards,

Signed ________________ Printed Name _______________________ Date _________

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